Galimax prides itself in sourcing fresh local and organic products produced and processed in Alberta, and eastern British Columbia.


The goal of Galimax is to source products grown locally. This means products are local, fresh, and available according to Alberta and British Columbia’s unique growing season. Availability on many products has increased due to advanced technology such as year-round aquaponic and hydroponic greenhouse production, staggered planting, storage facilities, and smart inventory controls.


Galimax continues to source organic products. Galimax supports producers which grow products free of pesticides and herbicides because we understand the importance of using nature as a source for food while taking care of land and animals during this process. The organic producers we support include Amiable Organics, Blushlane Organics, Busy Bea Market Garden, Farmers Own, Kootenay Alpine Cheese, Leffers Organics, Mans Organics, and Vital Green Farms.

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