Our Story

Galimax Trading was incorporated in 2001 by Rudy and Faye Knitel and their Italian partner Karis Davoglio. During the early years Galimax brought high-end European food into Alberta which they marketed into restaurants in Calgary.

After building a customer base and relationships in the cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise, Galimax took the local marketing aspect to an entirely new level and focused on Bringing the Best from the Best to the Best. This meant sourcing fresh local and organic products from Alberta and British Columbia. These products are grown by local producers to ensure quality local and organic goods are delivered directly to restaurants and stores.

In 2011 Corne Mans joined Rudy Knitel as a business partner. This relationship flourished which led to Galimax Trading seeking new opportunity and expanding their business model.

In 2012 a CFIA approved grading station and distribution center was built in Nobleford, Alberta to serve their customers better and help sustain a growing demand for fresh local and organic goods. The CFIA approved grading station allowed Galimax the opportunity to start grading local free-range eggs to serve a new growing trend. Mans Eggs was hatched and continues to promote local small-scale farmers who have a mission to supply fresh free-range eggs to customers throughout Alberta.