Robertson Estate Wine Vinegar

Robertson Estate Wine Vinegar has been producing high quality vinegar in the traditional Orleans method since 2006. The vinegar maker, Patrick Robertson, is a industrial fermentation microbiologist by training and was the founder of Fernie Brewing Company. When he sold the brewery, as a foodie he naturally gravitated to a food product. After two years of research, visits to France and rediscovering how to make "the vinegar of kings" they started producing a high quality, unfiltered, unpasteurized, full body, nutrient rich cabernet sauvignon vinegar. It is only sold to discerning gourmet stores and restaurants. While most vinegar makers buy surplus wine from wineries, Robertson Estate, makes their own wine from premium juice obtained from the Okanagan Valley thus controlling the entire three year wine and vinegar making process ensuring a high quality not found in supermarket vinegars produced in three days. It is simply, the best.

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